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kAsTech - Analytics Center of Excellence

Analytics Center of Excellence

kasTech Network’s Analytics Center of Excellence supplies the proven methodology, tools, technologies and expertise to upgrade and standardize business intelligence (BI) initiatives and database environments. Working with kasTech Network, dispersed structured and un-structured data pools become joined, standardized baselines established and improved technologies and approaches implemented in support of key business priorities..

Platform Management

kasTech Network’s Platform Management goal is to help organizations reduce the time, complexity and cost associated with business analytics platforms. Through design and configuration recommendations and flexible management services, requisite infrastructure upgrades can be maximized and new capabilities introduced to increase overall efficiency and without burdening existing resources or incurring unnecessary costs.

Best Practices

With 2+ years of experience solving complex data management challenges and 1,400+ successful analytics projects, the consultant teams at kasTech Network use their field-tested expertise combined with their familiarity with best-in-class technologies to guide customers through the process of becoming data-driven enterprises. By scaling solutions and services to meet near- and long-term business objectives, competitive insight needed to succeed in today’s fast-paced and demanding business environment is the ultimate aim.

Install, Upgrade & Maintenance: On-premise Analytics

kasTech Network’s Install, Upgrade and Maintenance services for on-premise analytics recognizes the needs of the enterprise by delivering the power of business intelligence within the security and privacy of the organization. Collaborating closely with IT personnel, kasTech Network team members work to ensure that the BI end-to-end process works efficiently and continues to meet the analytical needs of the organization while minimizing any impact on the community of users that reply on the analytics provided.