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kAsTech - Analytics Business Intelligence

Analytics - Business Intelligence

For a Business Intelligence (BI) strategy to be successful, people, processes and technology must be taken into consideration. kasTech Network works to evaluate and incorporate these important factors to deliver analytical capability that provides the capacity and insight to analyze and the power to act. With the ability to reliably collect and analyze critical organizational information, BI from kasTech Network delivers meaningful intelligence when, where and how it is needed.

Business Analysis & Use Case Development

kasTech Network provides the best possible strategies and roadmap to effectively collect and present critical organizational information by thoroughly assessing the needs of the organization across business, IT, information domains and the workforce. A combination of actual and scenario-based modeling accurately determines level of investment and process ability to realize a data-driven enterprise.

Dash-boarding & Data Visualization

With kasTech Network dash-boarding and visualization interface programs, data is transformed into comprehensive and manageable information. The use of an easy-to-use graphic interface converts key performance and knowledge indicators into ready-to-read updates and reports that can easily be interpreted and shared so informed decisions can be made quickly and confidently.

Reporting & Self-Service Business Apps

kasTech Network puts the power of insight into the hands of those who need it and can best use it with intuitive BI reporting and self-service business applications. Through the ability to create personalized reports and analytical queries, end users can access and work with business information easily and quickly. Reports and queries can be run based on specific requirements and as frequently as required without having to understand the technology or having to involve IT in the process.