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Kastech - History


We understand the process of building websites and mobile applications through our expertise and produce award winning solutions that become popular and make our clients achieve their goals and values.

1. Stepped into International market.
2. Developed MobileAPP for a Ghana company.
3. News Room Set-up, Transmission Room up-gradation with entire back-office IT infrastructure.
4. Developed CRM solution for local market.
5. Dynamic portal for automated teller system.

kAstech School Portal
Designed and Developed a High School portal with more than 80 Features which includes Admission, Result, Homework, Classnotes, Attendance, Online Stores, Fees, Health, Disciplines, API amongst others.
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Minning Operations
Kastech Network acquired mining license from the Cadestral office in Abuja and started mining operations of Zinc and Lead at Ikwo, Ebonyi State.

Software Concerns
1. Started Software Development with Nigeria customs.
2. Focusing in high quality and cost-effective solution for Enterprise market.
3. Supplied Hardware and setup News electronic media agency.
4. Started Hardware Business in Computer Market and setup show room for capturing retail market.
HIYA Nigeria
Kastech Network partners with Zeitgeist Aesthetics which functions in researching, translating, and communicating respect for Nigerian national symbols, citizens’ civic responsibilities in Nigerian indigenous languages.

Software Concerns
1. Released 2nd version of MobileAPP for a Ghana company.
2. Electronic Record Management system for FMCA.
3. Expansion in telecom network platform.
HIYA Nigeria
Kastech Network partners with Zeitgeist Aesthetics which functions in researching, translating, and communicating respect for Nigerian national symbols, citizens’ civic responsibilities in Nigerian indigenous languages.

Software Concerns
1. AngelMed Group (Medical Distribution)
2. Citizens Inclusion in Governance (Mobile Application, Web Survey and Data Analysis with Python and PHP7)
3. HIYA Nigeria Translateme Application (Uploading of Language Translations)
4. iBase Database Abstraction Tools for complex/simple web application management. A complete software guide
Kastech Medicals
Establishment of a 15 Bed Sitter Rehabilitation Center in the capital city Abuja. This center serves as a private facility for citizens who enjoy privacy with a doctor always on Standby.

Minning Operations
Kastech Resumes Mining operation with all Machineries which is not limited to Escavations and Hire!

Software Concerns
1. Launch of Pokadigit. A Cryptocurrency consulting and management firm.
2. Upgrade and Maintenance of over 60 Webites, Applications and Mobile Applications.
3. Started the Build of Kastech Service finder and Locator Service for Artisan.
Hardware Concerns
Kastech researches on Mini PC with performance and storage boost. Ais at reducing the size of Desktop computers with hardwares that can be easily moved around.

iBase Portal Conclusion
iBase is a PHP and AJAX based application management tool with improved UI designed by MyOrange which is an ideal tool for managing any database driven application.
iBase uses a simple PDO which can be connected to varieties of database including Cubrid, MS SQL Server, Firebird, IBM, Informix, Oracle, Oracle, ODBC and DB2, PostgreSQL, SQLite, 4D and MySQL. The iBase application uses a light non-blocking PHP scripting technology, AJAX and the smart Bootstrap UI to achieve its speed and reduce complexity.

Kastech Document Manager
Kasdocman is a document management platform whith an aim of providing a better service to the public by improving the quality and quantity of information available and providing easier access to the information, increasing productivity and efficiency by reducing paper handling, reducing physical storage space and staffing requirements associated with paper filing systems, enhancing security, increasing collaboration among members and an improved backup and recovery of information which can be caused my natural disaster.
Software Concern
1. Installation of the First Document Manager for the UBU Office
2. Installation of the First CRM for a Security Form (Name Witheld)
3. Revampped more than 20 applications. Updated to their recent versions.
4. Upgraded all PHP platforms to run on PHP 8 with more advanced Security

Launch of the Sofrik Exchange Platform
The sofrik exchange platform was launched for the public seeking to take a loan with a movable property. Sofrik can boast of about 200+ clients as at the end of 2022.
Software Concern
1. A Multi-Cluster Dashboard for NSIP is being developed to efficiently gather and analyze information with a user-friendly interface. Testing is ongoing, expected to conclude by the end of 2023.
2. Kastech Network upgraded all hosted applications to the latest versions, incorporating 5G connectivity to enhance speed while maintaining robust security measures.
3. Kashost introduces a streamlined billing system, enabling clients to manage payments directly from the dashboard. Users with multiple accounts can now oversee and control all their apps effortlessly.

kAstech School Portal
Expanded the use and Upgraded the School portal to version 4 Currently with so many stable fixes and improvements to its code base. A changelog for these updates can be found by following the link

Kastech Document Manager
Upgraded the Document manager and added alot of features which includes Fresh new modern UI with theme editor, architecture was redesigned for PHP 8 and the future, File uploads on steroids. Reliably uploads anything you throw at it, More than 20 Features and Bugs fixed and Many security fixes and improvements.
Nothing yet!

Dynamic Systems Development Method

At kAsTech Network, we use the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) which is a framework for delivering business solutions that relies heavily upon prototyping as a core technique( ISO 9001 approved.)

Analyse Prototype.

Agree to a plan

Create the prototype

Review the prototype

Implement the Prototype

Maintain the Prototype


  • Skybeam Network | Client

    Skybeam Networks provide a wide spectrum server to fulfill its primary objective of providing complete customer satisfaction in its telecommunication projects like designing telecom system, developing software, turnkey project, and value added service.

    Skybeam Network
  • NSIP | Client

    The National Social Investment Program of Nigeria is a social welfare initiative created by the federal government of Nigeria in 2015 under the direction of the National Social Investment Office.

  • Nigeria Labour Congress | Client

    The Nigeria Labour Congress [NLC] was formally constituted as the only national federation of trade unions in the country in 1978. Before then, four labour centres existed. Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) gives an equal voice to Nigerian workers, employers and governments

    Nigeria Labour Congress
  • Sofrik Exchange | Partner

    Sofrik Exchange is a credit and investment company that contributes to the money management and wealth creation of its members and the society.

    Sofrik Exchange
  • Brieg Global | Partner

    Brieg Global is one of Nigeria’s most diversified business conglomerates with a growing reputation for excellent business practices and products’ quality with its main objective to be improving the standard of living for the citizens of Nigeria.

    Brieg Global
  • PGM Nigeria Limited | Partner

    PGM Nigeria Limited is wholly Nigerian owned multidisciplinary environmental management and consultancy company, incorporated in 1998.

    PGM Nigeria Limited
  • CIG Nigeria | Partner

    Citizens Inclusion in Governance (CIG) Nigeria is a project aimed at Including the Citizens in governing activities in Nigeria by a means of National Survey.

    CIG Nigeria
  • Zeitgeist Aesthetics | Partner

    Zeitgeist Aesthetics was established in Nigeria. Their model is based on the development of indigenous languages and using same for nationalism and promotion of culture development.

    Zeitgeist Aesthetics
  • Happening Now News | Client

    Happening now news is a media/publicity organization known for disseminating reliable news and media to the general public. So far, the media team have received awards for their excellence.

    Happening Now News
  • ResellersPanel | Partner

    ResellersPanel is a unique, fully-automated reseller hosting program, developed entirely by LiquidNet Ltd. - a prosperous UK-based hosting company, which strives to further expand the scope of its activities in the web hosting services sphere.